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About TateOil

TateOil is a family run business with over 40 years in the fuel, oil and heating oil industry.  We make national, next-day deliveries of petrol, diesel, oils, kerosene, heating oil and premium heating oil, all at competitive prices.

With over 600 local supply points, our service is second to none.  Our original family values are upheld, from order placement, to point of delivery.

TateOil guarantee that our fuel, lubricant and heating oil prices are as keen as possible.  Why not give our team a call and get a quote today?

TateOil supplies premium heating oil, which is regular heating oil with additives to boost the performance of any heating system. It can save you money, whether you use an oil-fired boiler or an Aga for your hot water and household heating.   Ask about our premium heating oil prices today.

Daily deliveries across the region.

Alternative Descriptions:

Heating oil/Boiler Juice/28 Second Burning Oil (Paraffin, is also one of the family, as is Jet Fuel.)


Heating Oil, Kerosene or 28 Second Burning Oil is commonly used for the heating of domestic and commercial premises. It may also power a range ovens such as an Aga, Rayburn, Esse or Stanley.

Our heating oil is produced at the newest refinery in the country and is the cleanest highest quality kerosene available.

Heating oil can be collected from our Otley depot, or can be delivered in bulk, next day, right across the UK.


Our premium boiler fuel provides real financial benefits to oil-fired boiler users.

KeroUltra prevents the build-up of deposits in a boiler’s pressure jet burner, giving enhanced fuel economy and saving you money on call-outs, cleaning and replacements.

KeroUltra also helps to inhibit and disperse tank sludge and protects the entire system from the build up of sludge deposits.  Containing anti-oxidants, it helps to keep your fuel fresher, longer and can also reduce your carbon footprint.

Please note, KeroUltra should not be used in conjunction with Aga style ovens. Please order AgaMate instead (See below).

AgaMate, Aga Oven Fuel

Our premium Aga fuel contains additives to help your oil-fired oven burn evenly and for longer.

Our Kerosene supplier runs the newest refinery in the country and, subsequently, produces the cleanest, highest quality Kerosene available.  However, Aga’s are notoriously sensitive and any changes in fuel, tank sludge or contamination can cause real problems.

TateOil’s AgaMate is an enhanced heating oil which helps eliminate this kind of problem, improving system efficiency and noticeably saving you money on your fuel bills and engineer call outs.  Agamate reduces the build up of coke and soot on the burner assembly and helps to promote a more even burn, for much longer.

In addition, the additive helps inhibit the formation of tank sludge, stabilises the fuel, keeps the fuel fresher for longer and even reduces your carbon footprint!

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Daily deliveries across the region.

Alternative Descriptions:

  • Diesel/Road Diesel/Derv


  • Clear liquid, pale, straw yellow in colour.


  • BS EN 590*

*Diesel also complies with the Motor Fuel Regulations 1999 and HM C&E requirements for ULS Diesel.

Full rate of duty is applicable.

Uses / More Information:

DERV, Diesel, Road Diesel, ULSD or White Diesel is the fuel used in all road-going diesel powered cars, vans and trucks. It is available from filling stations and in bulk from fuel distributors.

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), has a low sulphur content, meaning that ULSD offers lower CO2 emissions, reduced smoke output, improved engine starting and better MPG.

As of 2006, almost all of the petroleum-based white diesel fuel available in Europe and North America is of a ULSD type. In the UK, diesel must contain a maximum of 7% of Fatty-acid methyl ester (FAME), perhaps more widely known as biodiesel.

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Daily deliveries across the region.

Alternative Descriptions:

  • Tractor Oil/Off Road Diesel/Class A2 and D
  • 35 Second Heating Oil
  • Diesel Medium/CEGB Turbine Fuel


  • Clear & Bright liquid
  • Red in colour*


  • BS EN 2869: 2010

*Contains chemical markers and dye in accordance with HM Customs & Excise requirements. The dye gives the product a red colour. During the latter part of 2002 the Euromarker was introduced.

Carries a lower rate of duty than Diesel ULS, up to deliveries 0f 2300 liters.

Uses / More Information:

Gasoil, Red diesel or 32 second burning oil, is commonly used for off-road vehicles, or vehicles used on private land only. It is not intended to be used by public road vehicles and it is an offence to do so.

Farmers benefit from the lower cost of red diesel fuel by using it in their tractors, harvesters and any other diesel-powered equipment on their farms and in their fields.

Construction companies use red diesel in their off-road diesel engines, such as in bulldozers, backhoes, cranes, bobcats and diesel generators, to name a few.

It may also be used for heating purposes, commonly in large commercial buildings or pleasure boats.

Red diesel is available in bulk deliveries from fuel distributors.

Download a fully detail data sheet for this product


At most refineries and terminals, standard Gasoil is now 10ppm sulphur, or Ultra Low Sulphur Gasoil (ULSGO).  This can be used for both off road mobile plant and stationary plant, but often contains biodiesel which attracts water and makes the product more susceptible to degradation in storage, possibly leading to plant failure, because of blocked filters or water build-up.

FurnaceFlame is a cost effective alternative to ULSGO, for heating applications, such as boilers, dryers and heaters.  FurnaceFlame is guaranteed not to contain biodiesel and can be used across a wide range of applications, from small package boilers, to the large rotary dryers used in mineral processing.  FurnaceFlame is also used in smaller applications such as warehouse air heaters; it is a drop in replacement for ULSGO in all burner applications.

FurnaceFlame offers significant savings over ULSGO, without compromising plant performance in any way.  The savings result from the product not needing to be so highly refined, because it is restricted to use in heating applications.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to run down my gas oil in my tank to changeover to FurnaceFlame?
  • No, FurnaceFlame is completely miscible with gas oil in all proportions.
  • Will burner performance be affected?
  • No difference in combustion quality or calorific value.
  • Do I need to change my burner nozzles or fuel pumps?
  • No, FurnaceFlame has similar physical properties top regular gas oil.
  • Do I need to have a combustion engineers present at changeover.
  • Unnecessary, any minor adjustment can be made at your next service.

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TateOil supply and install a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial tanks, steel or plastic, bunded and single skinned.

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Plastic Tanks

We supply Titan and Atlas branded tanks.

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Metal Tanks

Steel storage tanks
are still available.

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Jet Car

We supply heating oil, white diesel and red diesel to the following area:

TateOil supplies premium heating oil, which is regular heating oil with additives to boost the performance of any heating system. It can save you money, whether you use an oil-fired boiler or an Aga for your hot water and household heating.   Ask about our premium heating oil prices today.


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